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Default Problem with shooting style

Our club hs had a couple of family groups join recently and we try to encourage them to try all the aspects of shooting HFT, FT and 10m.

However one of the them is a 15 yr old girl who has tried a bit of FT and HFT at the club, preferred FT as did not like lying on the ground that much but her younger brother did not mind at all. Going back the the young girl we showed her the varietied of FT sitting but noticed that they all seemed wrong.

After a break and a cuppa with her father and mother found out that she has quite long legs 36" inside measurement and her thigh bones are actually longer than her spine from neck to hip. Lets hope she does not grow that much more as nearly 6ft tall now. We went back and had had another go and finding a comfortable sitting position with a bean bag with more beans in.

After a few minutes of adjusting her position to what she found comfortable, off the knee, she knocked over a 55yd target 4 out of 6 times and a 45yd 9 out of 10 (missed first shot due to wind). Nothing like a bit of heathly brother and sister competition as her brother tried the longer target HFT lying down style and got it 5 out of 6. Both time with a FT setup on 20 mag.
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