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i,m gonna try and explain my grade ,started out roughly 9/10 yrs ago takeing son shooting,this went on for 3yrs then one day i had ago,shot rubbish the first three attempts because i was mucking about.
the start of the next season i decide to shoot nefta w/lge and because i,m now c grade i won against a very competitive field,suddenly next season i,m in A grade because i,d consistantly put in A grade scores,once in A grade its much tougher but manage 5th,now lately find i,m shooting well but not great,consistantly put in scores over 80% but you need a good string of those to get to AA grade.
i have gotten as high as 78% graded this after starting out in c grade.
my points are.......
1 if you start out with crap scores you then can consistantly put in AA grade scores and still move up the current gradeing system slowly......
2everybody knows if you want to climb the grades you have to punch well above your weight.what i mean is if your sitting on A grade with 72% you could then go on a very good run of say a dozen 85%90% scores and still be in A grade afterwards.....
my solution would be to look at the gradeing system just before the gp series and instead of takeing notice of the actual grade,take a look at the last 3 scores leading up to that grade as that is a better bench mark of what the shooter is doing ...
example joe bloggs on B grade 79%,86% 82% take an average of that information its a much better way of getting an update on a shooters capability.......
only do it for start of gp series and you also may well find there is no C grade....
thats my thoughts,i hope i put myself across clearly,atb fred
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