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Its Ok mike I know you were not having a Pop...Just that split calls can really slow down a day and 99.9% are proven splits with nothing wrong target wise.Really Is Just a little pet hate of mine.... A genuine pellet strike on kill is another matter and should be called as we know targets can become faulty even halfway during a shoot..With East Devons grounds we are restricted on the amount of woodland we have available so having extreme angles means I would lose 2 or 3 lanes in each section,Thats why we used more high targets to try and catch the wind, more so than last year and cut big holes in the field hedge row and cut windage lanes up through the undergrowth which were unseen from from the firing line,WE have taken on the comments and more angles seems to be the thing so we are exploring this to see if we can open the shoot up a bit and perhapes use the field a bit more, it was the 1st year we have asked the neighbouring farmer for its use and he was a little nervous but did agree, so we kept its use to a minimum, Hopefully now he will be fine and a good bottle of whiskey has helped.I hope you enjoyed the day and if we are selected to run the GP again next year then we will have more variation provided the BFTA allow us total target choice...... As a side note the total course average was 40.2 yards.

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