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i'd like to see some stats on the winning top 6 of each grade scores for each GP. Although changing the brackets might take the idea away from everyone heading into AA & A, it could be that there might just an average variation which makes the top shots of the grades fall into the upper grade brackets anyway. If you have C & B Grades putting in 40+'s then they are consistently shooting out of grade. Now if you have quite a few doing it regularly it suggests to me that the courses are too easy.

Now to me, the courses can be a bit soft or a bit hard, but it's the conditions that play a part as well. Today I shot probably the hardest course i've shot in a long time. It without doubt was a fair and challenging course that would have seperated the top well... but it was extremely tough, and in my opinion, too much so for an C or B shooter, even a regional A would have to grit their teeth. It was a regional shoot, but we still had no standers under 35, reducers out to 45, as with kneelers and several close to full wack exposed sitters.

I think 6 standers has to be worth a test somewhere to see what happens, and perhaps scrapping the mandatory reducer count, and see if it spreads without the course being a tour de force.
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