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Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
apart from increasing the number of standers are we trying to fix something that isnt broke ,
how many gps have been cleared this year ,,, none
we have some easy ones and hard ones but none have been cleared ,if we make this easier for lower grades then they will not learn anything .
we need to sort the grades out and get the shooters in the proper grades how many times have we seen c and b class destroyed by big scores .
like i said i would
1 .. sort the grades out
2.keep the 15 mm kills
3.increase the standers to 6
4.introduce 25mm kneelers
5 ensure all clubs holding gps adhere to the rules
6. laydown some proper guidlines for the layout of courses
Spot on - point 1 and 5 are must haves the others would be great
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