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Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
ok 3 weeks ago them
the point i was making was a gp course should not be shot before hand
i found it a bit strange that in the brefing all were told that no plitters would be checked (not that walther shooters get splitters )
it is every shooters right to ask for a target to be checked
if i am lucky enough to get a gp up my club them no one will be shooting it .it makes it fair them
The reason in my Briefing that I said we would not stop for splitters is that if the target did not go down then YOU have missed, The targets were checked several times over the week prior and on the morning of the shoot aswell so we knew they worked perfectly.. It is the shooters right to call a target and I would not stop them if they had a valid case I was just giving a warning to the habitual splitter callers. As it happened we again prooved we have run another top FT comp with only 2 stoppages allday... How many regions can say that this year.....Only us.........That is down to detail and ownership of the course to be proud of.. Some say it was to easy..LOL..Those comments really **** me off, you don't need angles and multitudes of cross strings to make a tough course as proven.

'Kills not being painted'

That was a communication error and thankfully pointed out to me thanks to Dave... They were asked to be painted and if noted i did put black and White spray cans around the course waiting for the course painters, It was taken on by someone not to. Unfortunatly i could not be in 2 places at once to supervise but i got it done.

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