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Comments as always Just for laughs

A class

Little (I shot the Standers properly) Jack - 38
Doz ( Miss a Stander, hit the stander dont worry about the other one ) 37.5
Garry (Rare styer that works owner ) Powell 36
Mark (i only shot the course once yesterday) Sheppard 36
Gwynne (like getting blood out of a stone for worlds) Robibnson 35
Jason ( I like shooting downhill) Harris 34
Peter ( 1 ex 4 Standers again) Jacob 34
John (They can have all the Worlds dosh they want) lewis 32
Steve (i did not shoot the course and it shows ) Turner 27
Nigle (i must find a scratch on an ev2 and reduce it for mysefl) Hayman 26

Ringer Class

Simon (20 Stone and ) Evans 35
Craig (I`m not Ronnie) Corbett 32
John (I`m supposed to do something with these summer results??) Johnston 32
John (I`m having my dinner ) Parry 32
Steve (Ythey have not grown the tree that can hold me yet ) Chubb 30
Derk (29 shots in the kill) Bendon 30
Steve (Godbear from porridge) James 29
Tom ( why are they falling over ) Gould 29
Craig (bugger I have made A grade ) morgan 29
Dave (How did he make A grade) Gage 28
Gareth (I will throw this one not to make A grade bugger missed) James 25
Garth ( hit first 12 then MAJOR GIANT JELLYFISH ATTACK) Rees 25
Vince (I might win something in the winter now) Bowen 24
K ( must be Ken from Ken and Barby??) Thomas 24
Rhys ( Bout time you whooped dad now ) Bowen 22
C. (not N, E, S, or W) Somerset 20
J. (Has Bungle touched his gun?) Lashbrook 10

C class, whats left of it!

Bungle ( Bungle dont do that- Bungle stop that- Last warning from derk Bungle )19
Harry (my mate ) Thomas 13

Good day out, nice relaxing (apart from when derk and Bungle caught up with us) day out.
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