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Default Money Money Money

First time to Avon Hawks "new" (to me) ground today.

Nice piece of woodland, though very little wind. Thats what had been reported previously.

still, would make a nice venue for Swefta vs wafta, especially if travelling from swefta!

Might even make a good Gp venue, but it would need some Angles and wind for me. Think a few targets up in the trees would be very tricky + interesting. Found it a bit long today and slightly repetative from lane to lane on occasion, would like to have seen a few more reducers as most sitters were in the 40 - 50 range. Think if there had been a decent wind scores would have been down areond another 5 or so??

Jack missed 2 today and thus took his sixth win of the season, though somehow he lost to Doz in a shoot off lol
Gary Poweell somehow managed to see over the log to only drop 4 while Mark Sheppard also dropped 4.

I decided to catch a lift with Arms dealer so took B class on 35 (I was mike williams on the standers missing 2) while i think most others there were involved in a shoot off on ex 32 for runner up ish. I also wone the raffle so ended the day with more than i started lol.

Bungle turned up and thus is C class champion. He hit 19 while the very nice young lad (Harry) who drew my score card out for the raffle hit 13.

At the end of the summer Wafta series 2 A clas shooters have dropped down to B class (neither of which were there today, securing the drop position haha )
Meanwhile 10 B class shooter have moved to A class.
There is likley to be 20+ shooters in a class in the winter!

I am one of the 10 that went up as i handed my card in (no barry smith score?) but will be doing sporting Ft in the winter so shall be back in B for the summer lol.

2 C class made it to B class, including Bungle.
C class looks very sparse in shooters number now!! Tosh, dont bother with winter league as you get sod all for it, wait till next summer. You may be able to hit something by then too lol.

Thanks to Avon Hawks, will hope to make it back for the winter round.
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