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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Hmm... not out of the woods yet

We have 14 permits missing... (i am chasing them tonight)

David Schofield
Paula Schofield
Scott Robinson
Neil Daniels
Andrew Gillott
Steve Page
Lyndeen Calvert
Terry Ord
Michael Woodhead
James Woodhead
David Robinson
Andy Calpin
Don Old
Ian Taylor

Also, Ian Taylor, Ian Harford and John Walker are taking 2 rifles each... they only have permits for one (assuming Ian's is like the rest)

Am chasing those up.

As it changes nothing, i'll hold them all back until i can send them out in one go.

Originally Posted by RobF View Post

I have them all now... but i'm out at a wedding today, so they will have to go out saturday

It seems for those that are taking 2 rfiles, the permit allows for up to 3, but only specifies one.

Any sign Rob ? Do we have everything now ?


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