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Just an hypothetical option for clubs to try Pete

Clubs might like to try a 25 shot prone/ 25 shot kneeling and standing comp.

I've never said it was easy.

On average 32 people have scored 54 or above at each of this year's shoots.

'Resting' was re Target glove holding peg and gun rested on that.

I hear lots of talk about 'driving a long way to take 30 shots'. That's the reason for this thread I presume. To be honest .... I think it's more of a day than that. As you have said before it's driving all that way to see a load of mates and enjoying the pre shoot zeroing in and all the chat during the shoot and afterwards. I really don't think making it 40 shots would make many more people get in their cars and drive for 3 or 4 hrs etc. You'll just hear them say ' it's a long way just to take 40 shots '.

I think it's more dramatic than that for the top shots. The point I've tried to make in the past is that for the top shots there will probably be only a few targets on each course that they are likely to miss. The others they will kill virtually 100% of the time. So, in effect , for the top boys their comp is over just a handful of shots.

If I have to stick to your original question ...

I think it's fine as it is ... 30 lanes ... 30 targets ...30 shots. I think the time that takes is enough.


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