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Originally Posted by Suzukiphil View Post
The only way to reduce the proportion of AA's is to increase the numbers of C and B grades.
As i said earlier
AA was created some years back, what should have been done is raise the cutoff on the lower grades.

Since the lower grade shooters have got better over the last 10 years being able to buy capable cheap kit, what has happened C graders now become B, B graders infringing in A.
Excluding the ringers if some one wants to do the maths check the averages of C and B graders, bet most will be shooting above their grade!

On the other hand by raising the cut off at C, B and A which effectively would mean lots of shooters dropping a grade, i would wonder how the shooters would feel, cheated?
Surely its far better to shoot in a higher grade and come no where enjoying the shoot.

Agree with Mike, quite like the idea of 25mm standers and kneelers plus the idea of them placed at a reasonable range.
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