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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Its a rolling 20 niel and no the scores can be years old and essentially out of date. That was my case until recently

my rolling 20 as of Gp 4 included scores from 2009 and my % was 81%.
After gp 8 i still have gp8 from 2009 on ther (65%) but currently my average is up to 85.75% (i think0 so heres to hopping i can do better than 65% a week Sunday

I consider my 2010 and this years scores to be a more accurate reflection on my current ability to hit targets.
Thanks Simon - I kind of guessed as much. So, it may be worth Shaun looking at the impact of a time limit for calculating Grades so that they more accurately reflect current and recent performance? Perhaps two sets - one including last 20 but one for competing in GPs, Internationals, etc?

Sorry Shaun :-) but let me know if I can lend a hand.

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