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[QUOTE=neilL;67954]However, if you restrict the scores to just the current GPs to make this average then as of today nobody in the list of leading AAs will qualify as AA. Highest so far is 93.7% over 8 GPs. The top 10 is in the range 90.05% to 93.72%. Unofficial of course!!

I was trying to say that grading is a blunt tool, but is the only one outside handicapping which is an even bigger source of contention.
I think these are at least some of the reasonsfor a high proportion of AA shooters;
- Adjusting the grades is a short term fix, people work to improve their scores it's natural.
- Putting targets out to 60,65 yards will again only be a temporary fix, people will practice.
- Smaller kills, again people will practice
- more standers, more kneelers, the same

The only way to reduce the proportion of AA's is to increase the numbers of C and B grades.
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