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I voted for ' It's there to test and split the best...' the training ground for FT is the regional championships and when you feel you can cope with shooting the GP series then move up as soon as you can and carry on the learning curve,The very 1st GP I did was Byley and I finished with a 26 ex 50 and that was very much how my 1st year went.. But I took it as a challenge to improve and slowly worked my average up to 88% over the next few years and this was achieved only on GP courses as our region then did not send in regional scores.Bear in mind standers and kneelers could be out to 55yrds then,I feel alot of shooters nearly expect to hit 45 ex 50 as they have the top kit not realising their talent runs out at 35-40 hits. Just except what level you can achieve and enjoy the day.Let the top guys fight over the spoils on courses set out to test them. Sadly this year we have had our hands tied in relation to what courses we can put out over the ground available, 20 of the 50 targets are determined by the BFTA in terms of overall combined lane length and the number of reducers we have to put out and at what length, This has left 30 targets that we can play with so naturally a high percentage of whats left will now be out above 45yrds.
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