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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
It would mean reworking all the points as well so best avoided - that will teach me not to post without thinking it through
Dont worry Dave, I had the same thought myself

I wonder if moving the brackets could be a distraction against the course difficulty... if you're seen to be on a fairer standing with your fellow competitor you are more likely to applaud high performances within the grades.

The old bug bear of regional vs national grades rears it's head. I wonder if it's possible to weight a grade against the grade leaders in the region and their standing nationally? For example, in your region you are the grade highest shot, so running say at 90%, but nationally you actually stood last season at 80%, so your actual region's grades should be something like 8/9ths of what they are when submitted by the region. Ok, there's bound to be some variation, but perhaps it could even out the strong vs weaker regions and mean that shooters from a strong region don't fall down into a grade full of shooters elevated by a weaker region.

That way, regions can put in all their scores without worrying that their shooters will be ringers or be swamped. I remember my first year in the open season in AA. My goal that year was simply to hold the grade till the winter league.

As ever though, some poor sod has to sort it all!
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