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I have spoken to Johan on the phone today about the lack of response we have had with the permits. He told me that Natalie visited Italy last year for the Benchrest World Champs, and that the paperwork was left to them, that only an invite was provided. Apparently though, although there were reams of paperwork to fill in, they did get their rifles in and out.
Similar stories from the UK benchresters i've heard as well.

Johan is contacting the FFTI today to see what the situation is.

There is an Argentinian, and a Brazilian arriving on the 19th and 20th respectively, who also need permits, so we'll get a heads up. We'll also be arriving on the Tuesday, so hopefully I can text back to the UK and see what's what.

I would print out the invite letter sent to you, and keep that as part of the tactic. Spread the word, and anyone who hasn't got theirs can contact me.
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