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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Seeing as we are talking hypothetically ....

People talk about only 30 shots after travelling all that way. Always seems to me that with 24 or so shots out of those 30 being shot prone with most of those rested on a peg then the averages will show that the top 20 shooters will probably kill the same high percentage of the same targets.

This leaves the odd couple of tricky prones ( 15mm kills ?) or a tough stander that will seperate the top boys.

The courses need to have some simpler shots to encourage the weaker shooters.

I've always felt that shooting comps should be more of a test at people's skills at different positions. Not just the odd designated stander or kneeler.

Why not try a club shoot where ...

25 lanes .... 25 targets.

1st shot at each lane ( target ) is taken prone.

2nd shot is then taken with the shooter kneeling ( or standing as per current rules where kneelers can be taken standing ).

A number of targets can be designated 2nd shot standing only.

Leave the kill zones and distances as they are at the moment.

That way everyone takes 50 shots and it will be a better test of people's ability to shoot kneeling and standing and not greatest majority prone on peg. This will seperate top end scores and reduce shoot offs.

25 lanes ... so if there are 150 entries ... that's 25 x 3 per session. If it's a very well attended shoot ... 25 x 4 per session will accomodate up to 200 shooters.

Does any club shoot like this?

You'd get 50 shots instead of 30 ... less lanes and targets required than at the moment ( so smaller areas required at shoots and less set up work ) ... less shoot offs ... more of a test of different skills.

Sorry Boz but all seems a bit confusing to me as I thought the question was “Number of Targets” not a format change

You have always said you think there are too many prone shots, yet if it was that easy everybody would be scoring 54 plus, and sorry I don’t know that many shooters who rest their gun on the peg.

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