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I say and voted it should split the best, current format with a few tweaks. Striking the balance is very difficult, targets should be set out in a way that they are there to be HIT, NOT missed.
Its wrong to set out too challenging a course, especially if it is open to all grades, for those who travel at expense and get demoralised, it ruins enjoyment.

I once was told by a wise old man that a perfect course was clearable by one person, therefore not so difficult that nobody could hit them all but at a level it would take somebody on form to get them all!
No clearances this season...yet!

IMO there should be a couple of regional shoots 3/4 possibly 5 (claendar might be tight) set on on a rotational basis each season called the BFTA BB's (ball busters) , 50 targets from hell set out to a highly difficult level, should keep AA challenged, on their toes for the Worlds, euros etc and also open to all brave enough to attend but again, pitched at a format for those of a high standard. Could be fun.

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