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Originally Posted by Suzukiphil View Post
To bring this back to the original point, this thread was about grades not changing the course difficulty.
The truth is that C graders are already discouraged from shooting GP's, not by the difficulty of the course, but by ringers shooting AA scores picking up cheap trophies by shooting in the lowest grade they can.

AA starting at 85% means a lot of AA grade shooters. If you make AA 95%+ that will provide a small elite that would be truely "elite".
A could be 90% to 95%
B could be 80% to 90%
C could be up to 80%
This is just tinkering.
However, if you restrict the scores to just the current GPs to make this average then as of today nobody in the list of leading AAs will qualify as AA. Highest so far is 93.7% over 8 GPs. The top 10 is in the range 90.05% to 93.72%. Unofficial of course!!

So I think this all swings round to "there is a mix of GP and non-GP scores contributing to the Grades" and that needs addressing somehow.

If you want to determine the elite AAs then I think they should all compete in the same session (am or pm not both) and that could be for all GPs or 1/3rd of them or some such. Based on those specific events you would have a better measure of the top few. I assume this is needed for international events rather than just for ego strokes?

Just a suggestion, of course.

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