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Well i got the phone call yesterday regarding the test results, looks like i've got some more chemo to come. Di was a bit upset yesterday, she kind of pinned her hopes on the fact the surgeon told me that it looked like he had removed all of the tumour and that that would be the end of it, the stoma nurse who phoned yesterday said that they had discovered sixteen lymph nodes on the piece of bowel that had been removed and two of them showed some form of abnormality.
So i've got an appointment to see the oncologist again on the 1st of September and take it from there.
Still a bit tender and not up and about like i thought i would be this time last week, but Di pointed out last night that it was mid week last week when my stash of morphine ran out......i can't see the point of going about getting some more, i'm sleeping ok, and the painkillers i have take the edge off.
I think the morphine just made me a bit more comfortable, it didn't take the pain away completely, just made me comfortable when i was laid still or sat watching telly.
I'm going to continue to take it easy and see if i can wean myself off the tablets then i'll have a better idea when i'm able to move about more.
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