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To bring this back to the original point, this thread was about grades not changing the course difficulty.
The truth is that C graders are already discouraged from shooting GP's, not by the difficulty of the course, but by ringers shooting AA scores picking up cheap trophies by shooting in the lowest grade they can.

AA starting at 85% means a lot of AA grade shooters. If you make AA 95%+ that will provide a small elite that would be truely "elite".
A could be 90% to 95%
B could be 80% to 90%
C could be up to 80%
This is just tinkering.
To address some of the other stuff that has grown out of this thread, the problem is who would bother to organise events for the 95%+ AA, there would be 10 or 20 at best.
This is the dilemma of every sport, the elite are supported by a pyramid of lesser participants "the grassroots" without the average competitior all sports will die.
Here are a some questions;
1/ Was the GP season set up to give the elite shooters world class competition?
2/ Or, was it set up to put money into the regions and support the growth of the sport?
3/ The football premier league was set up to provide the best football money could buy and has left the smaller clubs to rot, anybody think that was good for anyone except the clubs with the most money?

Personally I would prefer a midland summer league for those of us not considered good enough for GP's, or people who don't like 50 shot courses. We could shoot the same day as GP's so we wouldn't get in the way and I would prefer if it was ungraded, just people turning up and shooting because they enjoy it.
There could be patches for one to tenth, maybe have an under 14's class, do away with springer and sft classes and enjoy the day. I wonder how long the GP circuit would last if every region did that?

Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
With 8 GP complete the proportion of graded shooters competing (not Piston or SFT) is:

AA = 41%
A = 30%
B = 20%
C = 9%

The average for all graded shooters is an impressive 77%

Of all scores 42.5% of them were graded AA.

This lead me to think "do the grade boundaries need to change?"

What proportion of competitors should be in each grade (appoximately)?

For example:
AA = 30% then the boundary would be 84%
A = 30% then the boundary would be 73%
B = 25% then the boundary would be 60%
C = 15%

Any thoughts?
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