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I would expect single hole at 55 and 60 yards, even Marksmen will do that at 16 if you fire enough off.

Wouldnt surprise me in the slightest that 4 dies go in to same tin, they have been told by others as well but always dismissed it. Putting two and two together it would slow production down 4 times but thats half the story, perhaps they should reduce the speed of machines again now demand has slowed.

Last 10 months on Mossies and JSB Lights, same pellet, same symptoms but at least i can hit the plate at 40 yards.
Quality varies atrociously, try the 2007 ones. 2008 Jan batch were ok and what i had as last resort to use over the summer, weighed and sized- right pain. Last batch i had, no need to weigh but now after three months need to size if i dont want to throw away 1 in 5 shots. Robs totally different up the skirt!
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