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Default disaplin lanes

I know Mathew Cook was already regional A class when he started in BFTA C class this year and wiped the floor with A - AA scores. For me, he should have been graded on his regioanl and Bfta inters / champs scores. H would have cleaned up if he had not joined the RAF!!

In all fairness to Mr Cook he made enquires about shooting in a higher grade's at newbury
If people like displaying their trophies and telling other's how wonderful they are at shooting,but not point out that they were competing against novice shooter's then that's up to them.
Personally i prefer to win thing's on a level playing field,not hammer the kids at football then run arround with my shirt over my head cheering.
Maybe your grade could determine how many disaplins you have to shoot,C grade 1 x kneeler,B grade 1x kneeler 1 x stander,A grade 2 x kneeler's 2 x stander's and AA 3x kneeler's 3 x stander's.
That way C grader's would get some close target's that they should drop and improve there score's.
Higher scoring C grader's equals more interested shooter's more people making the effort to travel and compete.
At the end of the day as long as it is financially viable for me to compete i will, but i would like to see our sport become more popular.
As for the worlds training,i agree that we should set the standards for other's to follow and i think if you look at the world champ's list we are way ahead of the other's.
But nine gp's will not produce a world champ,the people with those qualities put in hour's of practise to fine tune there skill's.
There has been talk of encouraging young people into the sport, what for ? So they can turn up and shoot a world class coarse and get a crap score.
Most young people will not want to do this if that's the case , and will their old man be aload out to play if they are not not taking the rug rat with them?

These coment's are not intended to offend anyone,just provoc some sensible opinions.

About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.

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