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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I am the main Airgun competition writer for Airgunner, Every month I am given two to three pages to write about competition shooting.

I cover mainly HFT, as that is my chosen sport, however, I recently put a post up on STB, where I asked for a bit of help with an FT rig and within that post I mentioned that I was going to write a FT feature in the magazine.

Unfortunaly, quite a few FT shooters decided to have a pop at me and essentialy say that I should not be doing the article and that I should have it ghost written by somone who knows what they are talking about. I am still going to write the piece and I am going to attend the Essex 50 with my AR20 and Big Niko. The thing is though, I feel very unwelcome.

I have made an effort to embrace FT and I am prepaired to pay my own entrance fee and fuel to promote your sport, However, in return, I took a flaiming. So if you want covereage, may I suggest that you don't have a go at those of us who are trying to help.

See you all at the Essex 50

I have just re-read your post Gary, and the whole thread. I agree with Rob, it was the way you put the idea across, it reads like you intend to write an article about FT shooting...and as the writers are usually regarded as having some knowledge about the subject they are writing about, it came across wrong. If you had said it was to be written from a newcomers perspective the confusion would not have arisen.
Unless some posts were edited or deleted i certainly cant' see "Quite a few" incidents of people having a pop at you for it. I hope non of this puts you off either having a go at FT or writing about it.
I have been a complete FT addict since the early days, i've seen the sport grow and HFT sprout from it, i have done quite a few HFT shoots both at local and UKAHFT level, not competitively i might add, but i do enjoy them.
The two sports should be two sides of the same coin, organised safe use of airguns for the enjoyment of the participants...not adversary's.
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