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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I`ll try and understand your suggestion after work, brain overloaded at present lol.

I can't find a copy of GP 2010 results (anyone?) but based on the BFTA grades as of some time ago i.e. before GPs?? I took the averages (which include who knows what competitions) for a few of the top AAs and then, for the present GPs, the average of % minus BFTA Average gives

Caplin 1.688
Daniels 2.836
Semmens 4.010
Osborne -0.285
Gillot 3.201
Woodhead 8.580 (but really low starting average of 83 ??)
Williams 4.602
Harris 6.713
Bassett -0.239
Taylor -3.133
Casey 3.948

Simon yours would be 4.473, Shaun's -2.929 and my own 2.149
but these are hugely sensitive to the pre-season averages and the ones I used aren't specific to the previous GP season (I don't have one for example). However they do kind of show that Neil Daniels is doing better than his 90% but not as well as Dave Semmens 90%. So if you were to try and predict GP9 the indicators are interesting however the forecast looks like very windy and Sywell's out in the open is going to be a nightmare for newbies but I still hope to go and try and learn a bit more (be brave and give way more windage than I have ever done before hahaha).

I like the ideas others have added of bands based on top 25%, etc. Not so sure about forcing AAs to always stand for reducers and such. Having a really good day would be less so if it wasn't a level playing field - finding that you can shoot well but not every event is encouraging to keep working at it. 25mm at 55yds?? - you might as well let As, Bs and Cs have as many goes as they can fit in the 2 minutes :-)

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