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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
I agree entirely with joh's comments.One way of sorting it out is to make AA grade shooters take ALL the mini kills standing,that way you are pushing the boundarys for this level of shooter and making it harder for them,at not then being a sacrifice to other less skilled shooters.Whats the point of making courses easyer or moving the percentages,the problem will still exist.
I thought the mini kills were brought in to aclimatise shooters who would shoot overseas, where mini kills are used extensively, and so not be such a shock to the system. If we are to continue to be competitive overseas we must adapt, as indeed the other countries who field regular shooters at world events have done. They were not introduced to make courses harder for AA grade shooters, making them take the mini kills standing is not the way forward.
Personally i think that looking at the grading system and altering that is the way, not adding new grades or altering the difficulty of national courses.
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