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At the last league shoot here in Shebbear, on a blustery and showery day, we had the following positionals:

25mm 13 yards strike rate 38%
40mm 24 yards strike rate 35%
40mm 35 yards strike rate 25%
40mm 33 yards strike rate 18%

This last one was really hard in the wind, and no B or C graders hit it.

40mm 30 yards strike rate 63%
40mm 33 yards strike rate 48%
40mm 42 yards strike rate 35%
25mm 19 yards strike rate 58%

We also had two reducers that are too hard for GP spec but meet SWEFTA rules:
25mm 37 yards strike rate 33%
25mm 41 yards strike rate 8% this is a very hard target to read the wind

We allow 13mm out to 25 yards freestyle. At Shebbear they are actually 14mm as that is the size of drill bit we had to make the cover plates with...
We had two out that day, both at 16 yards, one on lane 2 with 50% strike rate and one on lane 17 with 58%

50 yards plus:
All 40mm and all freestyle
20% this target and the following one take wind that blows your shot down and is very hard to spot

Hope that helps
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