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Default GPs and Grades

I am also a GP newbie (and FT for that matter) so couple of suggestions with that in mind.

The issue comes across, to me, that grades held from club/regional comps don't reflect GP grade and standing? (a 50 shot GP course versus a 30 or 40 shot regional? ) So, keep the present system and tweak it but introduce a new competition within the GP series which will give the top shooters something to think about and a real challenge over the season.

Start with a previous year's GPs results (you have to have effectively pre-qualified). Work out the average based only on those results, say a minimum of 4 or 5 competitions? Anyone who has to abandon, "loses" card, etc has to do 1 more (2 more)?

Then based on that previous average the new competition is based on scores plus or minus that average e.g. a top grade shooter who got 85% last season has to get at least 85%, if they score an 80 they have -5, if they score a 100% then +15 (100% based on clearance or top score?? - 100% equals 50 targets sounds like a tough criteria). The final may be tight but if numbers are taken to 2 or 3 decimal places that may be enough?

At the end of the season the shooter with the highest score wins but next year they will have to try even harder since their new average will be higher, etc. Those with below average scores might do better next year, etc. Shooters without a previous GP season could have a "shows most potential" competition. Maybe permit a drop of one event but still require a minimum number of events?

Every shot would count so tough determination right to the end of the course would be needed.

This would encourage newer participants to commit over years, top shooters would have to be both very good and very consistent. Somewhat dubious C graders would have to live with their GP scores rather than whatever they did or didn't do elsewhere.

As far as International competitions this scoring would encourage top scores and consistent top scores. A rising A could ruffle a few AA feathers?

And of course the original events would be the same but the new "elite" would have a competition within the competition. I wouldn't have thought it would be too much more work for the very spreadsheet talented Shaun :-)

Anyway, just a few suggestions from a newb.

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