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Default ranking system

I do not want the coarses to be made easier,i have worked my way up from C grade to A grade over the last three years.
I started as a novice,last time i shot a rifle before that was 30years before at tin cans with my old man.
There are people that have shot different types of air rifle shooting,in ungraded areas and come into our sport at C grade level.
They basicly take the urine and flaunt there success at C grade level,i see this as a bit sad.
There are genuine C grader's struggling and haveing there noses rubbed in it.
I agree that Gp's are national comp's and as such should be attended with due respect,but how interesting will it be with no one there.
We need to find a balance,grade people properly so all can enjoy.
Maybe a ranking system instead of grade's,that way you could take pride in saying you are the current number 1
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.

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