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ok only been shoot hft afew months first time was at the worlds was dragged along kicking and screaming by afew members of lincs hft "thanks lads" and was left wanting more "if id won the wooden spoon or toliet seat there you would not have seen a happyere a person leaving their "learnt so much in two days their about shooting but its not just about shooting its the camoardere there is. Perfect example turned up at mad for round 4 ukahft putting up my tent then found out i forgot my air bed pump with in seconds the lad next to me hear you got mate one pump never seem him before he'd never seen my before to thanks wayne .so for me just starting out on the hft road its nice to know and find the hft girls and boys so helpfull .i may never win a comp but at the end of the day i can see everyone their wants to have a good time and thats whats helped me most in hft so thankyou all steve so now your stuck with me
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