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Whats the point in creating extra grades?
D grade might as well have E, F, G and so on, where do you draw the line its meaningless. After all AA was created some years back, what should have been done is raise the cutoff on the lower grades.

Since the lower grade shooters have got better over the last 10 years, what has happened C graders now become B, B graders infringing in A.

So Ratty to intoduce new blood easy courses should be laid out!
Beg to differ, this is a national comp to sort the men from the boys, what you should be thinking is why you do FT not how many targets hit.

If we want to stay the best in the world we have to put courses out to cater.

Nice to see the new BFTA moving things along rapidly. New proposed look better but scrap the max distance, bring the wind in to effect.
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