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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
I can see what Dave is saying, I have said it before when chatting to Mr Sparkes that HFT has a few good lads who get alot into the mags for their sport.

I know some of our FT lads have done the same but the articles have not been published which is a damn shame.

I love both sports, FT is my choice due to the fact I have done it for many years and am involved in the BFTA. If I had more time then trust me I would be shooting more HFT comps local or at National level.

Sometimes threads like this are not great as people will jump on and have a crack etc. HFT is always well attended at regional and National level which is great to see, for FT the last year or two, the numbers have been on the up which shows that both sports are growing and sustaining good numbers, which can only be good for both sports.

Maybe it would be good to look at more comps with the combination of FT and HFT. I know Nelson is holding the Anglo American next year and we cant wait to combine our 2 sports together to have a cracking weekend together.

Looking forward to the Nelson Anglo, it'll be like my first when you kept James and me up all night drinking lager!
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