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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Just a thought & i wonder if anyone can shed any light on the fact ?

Why is the very little / barely no coverage of FT events in any of the magazines.

Not that i buy any of the magazines it was puerly that i was looking at some in WHSmith & only one had referance to GP's.

Has there been any further reports throughout the season in any of the magazines ? If so were & which magazines are they in , where could i get a copy from for a look ?

There were some minor HFT referances but the lack of FT was quite a shock considering how popular the sport seems to be at the moment.

I know magazines are filled with adverts for a reason i.e. to fund the publishing etc , but to read blah blah blah from some guy who i've never heard of putting pellet on pellet on pellet on pellet really doesn't make me want to ruch out & buy them.

Anyway rant over , had a **** day at work so thought i may aswell get this off my chest.

Not looked or bought any this year but gun mart usual do a write up on the GPs and post top 5 places in each grade.....well they did last year...bought a couple then so i could see my name in print......had no excuse to buy one this year lol
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