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Default 25mm kills

Gp need to be made a bit tougher for me. Another pair of standers to make 6

1 inch kneelers (max of 2)

25 ml to 40 yards (max of 2)

I thought the introduction of the mini kills and 25 mm kills was to seperate the aa shooters a bit more [maybe test there skills a bit more is what i am triing to say].
How many mini kills have the AA shooters missed? Not many i'm guessing.
How many shooters in C class have missed the mini kills?
Apart from the odd ringer in c grade[welsh shooter's] i'm guessing that a lot have missed these targets,and because there has to be ten of them that means that for a C grader it's a forty shot coarse.
Then to try and keep a decent average distance every other target is out at nearly max distance,say 50-55 yds.
look at the average scores of the C grader's that are not ringer's 25-30's
At the end of the day these people are the future of the sport ,if we don't have an influx of new blood then we will have to have coarses that are perfectly level for the Mr calpins and Mr d's of this world to drive there mobility scooter's arround the coarse.
My point is this sport is a cracker and the people involved however rough and ready ,are a pleasure to to spend time with.
Let's make the sport one to be enjoyed by all, not just the elite.
push the pecentages up a bit or create a D grade and look at spreading thing out a bit,But makeing coarses so hard that only AA shooters get a kick out of them is not the answer in my opinion.

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