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From north of the border Gary, looking at the score sheets HFT is supported more than FT.

Don't know whether its down to lack of facilities or what but we certainly have more people attend HFT in Scotland.

One reason I can suggest for this is that HFT events all start and finish at the same time so when a long journey is involved (and most of them are up here) its easier to attend, shoot, attend prize giving and go home.

I would also suggest that this may be due to having a good format for course setting. By that I mean that if I set out a course for competitions using UKAHFTs guidelines to the letter it will be comparable to any other UKAHFT course. As such this allows us far flung brothers to roughly compare how we are doing in comparison to you southern Jessies (we wont mention the welsh as Sparky has just won something and it will give him a reason to bang on about it)!!!
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