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I am the main Airgun competition writer for Airgunner, Every month I am given two to three pages to write about competition shooting.

I cover mainly HFT, as that is my chosen sport, however, I recently put a post up on STB, where I asked for a bit of help with an FT rig and within that post I mentioned that I was going to write a FT feature in the magazine.

Unfortunaly, quite a few FT shooters decided to have a pop at me and essentialy say that I should not be doing the article and that I should have it ghost written by somone who knows what they are talking about. I am still going to write the piece and I am going to attend the Essex 50 with my AR20 and Big Niko. The thing is though, I feel very unwelcome.

I have made an effort to embrace FT and I am prepaired to pay my own entrance fee and fuel to promote your sport, However, in return, I took a flaiming. So if you want covereage, may I suggest that you don't have a go at those of us who are trying to help.

See you all at the Essex 50

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