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Originally Posted by RobF View Post

Top stuff...

Hacked about 1000yds of lanes and line down in Hen Wood today... i cut a meandering B road into the brambles, Vinny came behind and turned it into a more professional straight 3 lane motorway... Cheers V. much Vinny.

Means we are using a section of Hen Wood never shot before, and it seems to pick up different wind... so we'll be shooting a spread of about 90 degrees with different wind exposure... now to go and blag some tree straps... and a big ladder... target 40 could be a real peach if i can find a ladder long enough

Glad to help out Will be a cracking layout and it's good to be using more of the ground we have available With the combination of high shots, low shots, the line of fire changing throughout the course and, with any luck, a healthy dose of Meon Valley wind it will make a challenging and enjoyable course
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