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Default pellets

Interesting session trying different sized and "dai" pellets again today. Probably repeating something i have done previously, but not read back to check.

Anyway. Priest with "practice" dai 35 Express, straight from tin, sized 4.50 and 4.52.
As expected, 4.50 tightest groups. Despite high temp (23 ish) and sunny it was pellet on pellet.

Tried extra bkl riser blocks but made little difference to 40 -50 m clicks so took off.

Then tried dai 60 express and again very tight grouping, but this time sized to 4.52!

Got the REV out and tried the sized (4.52) + weighed (little point weighing though with express) and again it was pellet on pellet. Then tried the dai 60 and again pellet on pellet, sized to 4.52.

Might make the dai 60 comp pellets for both guns???

Just lubing to try really now see if it keeps the barrel cleaner longer.

Jellyfish is finding his new Ev barrel chokes up and gets very dirty after relativley few shots, say 60 -100. Is that the norm for a new Barrel?

Also tested his Ev and found 4.52 grouped tighter so he has borrowed the sizer until saturday. He did cook himself today thoiugh lol, like a shrivelled jellyfish after the tide had gone out. Hot shooting on a hoit day.


Now, which gun do i whoop Holly with Sunday??
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