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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Used the PRIEST yesterdat at Nelson.

Surprised at how many people said they like the stock lol!

Maybe its not so bad? Think I know a man who can make it better though?

Anyway, gun was spot on. Trigger needs a bit of work on 1st stage perhaps.

No.27 luep needs re-working though. Cant make out 50 -55 yards with any accuracy, anything over 50 is shot as 52.5 = percentage shooting.
% shooting Worked yesterday apart from one where i put the wrong 52.5 setting in thinking of no 1 luep lol.
Had another wobbly kneeler, discovered when at 1st kneeleing lane that spare bean bag had allot less beans than i thaught so not great support for kneeler and one of the dogs had ****** on it lol!

Three for wind which i was happy about, two were edges ( 6 & 9) and one i went the wrong way on lol. Think the course was very good, not far short of what it was at gp 5 this year so fairly tough? Just not quite as much wind?

Shall be trying some lubed pellets in PRIEST for the next couple of weeks (?) to see if it make a difference?
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