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Scores on wafta website

Click on scores, then 2011 summer series.

A class (no AA in wafta)

Jack ( Nearly Cant miss with an Ev2) Harris 39 ex 40
Mike (Cant stand up) Williams 37
Martin Jones s 36
Gary (I am standing) Powel 33
Gwyne (I`m better than my boys) Robinson 33
Mark (One shoot wonder) Bassett 32
Jason (I taught Jack everything0 Harris 31
Dean ( My Back my Back) Jukes 31
John (counting all his money) lewis 31
Mark (I can still beat Berty) Shepard 31
Peter (I give up wrong pellets ) Jacob 30
Migel ( Just give up ) Hayman 29
Chris (Has given up for the wedding) Land 23
Russel (Almost made bungle look good) Summers 16

B class

Simon (Thanks wafta committee for the Dosh ) Evans 35
Steve ( Dial up) Chubb 32
Steve (I dont need an ev2 to whoop dad) James 32
Kevin ( Another daystate?) Thomas 32
Craig (The Coot) Corbett 30
Gareth (How did you miss so many) James 30
Derk (Disease is back) Bendon 26
John ( What Passport Johnson 25
Dave (He was usuing a styer) Gage 23
C (From B/Gwnt) Morgan 23
John (Down to Dave gage level) Parry 23
Tom (Team maker) Gould 21
John (it never used to be this hard) Mortlock 21
Luke (Which club?) Davies 19
George (Must have forgot to) Loader 19
Vince (Bungles mate) Bowen 14

C class

Garth (I am not Gareth) Rees 28
Jerry (I will tell tom i hit 28) Baillon 18
Mathew (Bungle no matter what gun) Rainbow 15

Pity there were not more there, great shoot.
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