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Default The Gp diaries - Gp 1 - 7 2011

Was going to do a new thread about my Gp season and then keep it going, but decided that there may be something in here to look back on?
Indeed, many of the mistakes i am making seem to already be in here, learnt over the winter testing sessions and then quickly forgotton So its perhaps just a learning season this first one in AA.

Well, ok I actually got lucky at Gp 1. Enjoyed the course and the wind. only missed 5 and i think at least a pair of them were me, not gun or wind.

Same for gp2, despite being constantly barracked by Hollie and arms dealer, it was 5 misses and again 2 while listening to concversation and not concentrating on shooting.
Did not miss a kneeler, stander or reducer in first two gp.

However, the REV was back to leaking, albiet slowly and not having an impact on results. So i decided to send it off for a Reg piston cahnge.

Thus, gp 3 and it was the back up PRIEST. Now i am convinced this is acually a better Ev than REV, always said so.
Indeed, when trying Jellyfish'es new Ev2 last week again i thaught to myself, this ev2 is better than REV. Talking barrels and grouping by the way.

So, Gp 3, i was unlucky to pick 3 long targets mid course (just before the 15 ml where the camera was) where the wind decided to make a guest appearance. Missed for too uch, not enough, too much. then missed the 15ml as i had no setting for the range on the back up and guessed wrong. so, went from 1 to 5 down instantly and the head went with it?
Think finishing on the long stander did not help either as i was knackered and missed that. 7 down was not great, but could have been better with some luck!
Scope was an issue, the no27 does not range find any where near as easily as the no 1, but really its fine for a back up and perhaps when time allows i can try re-parralaxing again?

Rev is back but has been changed. Due to court issues is now set up to a lower power setting. Can only get 800 with 7.9 out of it. Not sure this has an effect on accuaracy, but was in my" head"

Gp4. I dont like the rain. Started ok but went AWOL in the wet and windy field and really wanted to walk off after the now you see me now you dont 35 reducer up the tree. Gave up and could not be arsed, finishing 15 down.

Gp 5
Nelson. Seemed long but enjoyed. Again, couple of mistakes were me but really the REV was ok and a great curse beat me (not hard to do ).
Think i would feel happier in myself if it were running 800+ as i am going through gp chrono under 800 usually. The advantage of the lighter pellet to me has always seemed to be the flatter trajectory, which you reallly only get at 810 + ?

second visit to Iceni and yet toy see a Gp wind. Indeed, this is the only shoot certainly at gp level and as far as i can remember where i have not come out of kill.
Had a mystery tour pellet on the 35 yard reducer in the V f the trees mid course and was like a tart on two syanders and wobbled on two long kneelers. Everything else was left edge or middle. Rev was outstanding

Gp 7.
Gun was great though I managed to under range two targets. Wuold not have made a great impact on my result (dropped 11) as truth be told first time at redfearns and I found it a hard course. Which is good, its what i consider to be a propper gp course, windy, changing direction /. angles on targets. Perhaps a few of the 50 + targets could have been slightly shorter but still a good test.
Gun was superb again thougnwent through chrono at 791 + 793. Way too low!!

So to gp 8.
Think it will be a high scoring round.?? Course simular to last season, at present.

After 7 rounds Holls and I are back to being all square, this after my early season lead which Holls reeled in9as i gave in) and then took over, but of course i have put the pressure on him and like his teeth, he has collapsed!
So, will Gp 8 see me take a lead in the 10 / Hobnobs Steak and then perhaps finish him off at Sywell with the NJR???

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