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Now that I have had a good night’s sleep I have the energy to post about yesterday.

When I booked up for the Spartan race I thought it would be a fun thing to do and I could raise some money for Help for Heroes. I was well aware that the race was tough and that is why I have been training hard. This thing is though; I did not realize how tough it was.

We were sent off in heats and the first heat was for the elite runners and the military. The course was only 5k but it took these super fit blokes 45min to complete the course. At this point I started to get very worried.

The course was a 5k assault course, we had to climb 5 & 10 foot walls, there was a 100m mud crawl under barbed wire, we had to run up and down hills carrying car tyres, carry a bucket full of rocks through a complex plus the normal army stuff of chin ups, rope climbs, Hercules lifts and a lake swim that was actually quite nice.

There was also a tunnel crawl, this tunnel was 250m long in pitch black on your hands and knees, you were 6" from the chap in front and the guy behind you was 6" back. I must admit that when I was half way down the tunnel I did have a moment where I felt very claustrophobic; however, there was nothing you could do. You could not back up or stand up, you just had to keep going and with some encouragement from an ex Para behind me I got through the tunnel. "Move your lazy fat arse" were the words if I remember correctly.

Finlay, there was the fire and ice section, a 20 meter crawl through water and ice and a jump through a flaming bonfire. Then there was the finish line and a chance to fight a Spartan with a pugel stick, I nearly stuck one on his arse, but not quite.

I finished in 2hours and 5 minutes and it was the hardest thing I have ever done, I twisted my ankle after 1/2k but I have just found out that what I thought was a sprain was actually a stress fracture off the exterior metatarsal.
The Spartan was an experience that I will always remember. It also gave me a little taste of what our troops have to go through for their basic training and even though I have always had respect for our military I appreciate what they do a little bit better.

From a personal point of view though, I am glad that I helped raise a bit of money for H4H and that it was done through blood sweat and pain and even though our troops suffer a million times more than I did on Sunday, I feel good at the fact that I half killed myself to show them the respect they deserve.

Will I ever do the Spartan again?

Hell No
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