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Originally Posted by rick View Post
When I saw the picture I thought Daves got it sorted, sat in the sun with a can in his hand. Nothing wrong with directing operations someone has too.

Rick - I thought I had it made

Finished the first session and got some food - the second session had just started as I put on the marshals vest and walked down onto the course with a kitkat in one hand and a can of pop in the other. I was looking forward to sitting and relaxing in the afternoon sun.

Just as I walked past lane one - "MARSHAL"

Three trips down into the quarry via the steep bank and one target change later I picked up my half eaten kitkat and can of pop and walked down to the bottom of the hill. No sooner than my backside touched the chair and "MARSHAL" - oh joy - someone had called a 50+ yard target.

Luckily it was all quiet after that and i sat playing with the target checker for the rest of the afternoon
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