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I'm back again!
I was discharged yesterday afternoon, still a bit groggy and more than a little sore, but it's nice to be home. The op went well and the surgeon was able to remove the tumour and stitch my bowel back up, there will be some tests to do on what they removed and i should hear from them in a few weeks, i'm guessing they will confirm if further chemo is needed.
I've got 15 metal clips in four variously sized wounds, the largest of which is where they gained access to remove the tumour and is about two inches long, so it has been a success on that front and i should have a shorter recovery time, i'm not in much pain from the area with the staples in, it's the trapped wind i keep getting that's causing most grief, a hot cup of tea and a few cautious burps and it usually eases up.
Some pretty nurses Steve, all too young for me...
Pity i can't make it up to Redfearns tomorrow as i think it's best to take it easy for a while but hey ho! I'll see you soon enough.
My dad's doing fine too, haven't seen him since monday as we're both a bit delicate at the 'mo and can't get about much but i've spoken on the phone everyday.
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