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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Could be right . BUT is it correct to sit on superb rifles that just come out to be polished once a month or a couple of shots to keep the O rings moving . i have matt knocks old GC2 with the welham stock tried shooting it competitively . but the stock is to shallow for me . tried using it in HFT .did not like HFT . so it sits in the cupboard . that rifle has won more big shoots than you can wave a stick at and it sits in the cupboard . youi can only really shoot one rifle well . one rifle one scope . perhaps we should only have one pc rifle , one pistol and one springer . ??? HOLLY
I'm no real collector. The rifles I have for the sake of it wouldn't worry you in the slightest (a couple of old Webleys). Beyond that I currently have one FT rig, one HFT rig, one hunting rig, one piston rifle and one pistol. It almost subscribes to your restraints. Hunting, HFT and FT use means I couldn't get away with one PCP but if I finally do knock FT and HFT on the head I may get down to one.
However, there's no way on earth I'd tell anyone how to spend their money or be told by anyone how to spend my money. All a bit communist for my liking. Good luck to the buggers that have enough loot to be able to leave excellent and exotic kit at home getting dusty.
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