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Default The west pennine mad sheep monster!!!ARGH

The latest sighting has been reported by a group of itenerant Rumanian gypsies.They were resting overnight on the moor prior to the journey to Blackpool to ply their trade selling potent cures and various elixers.Beneficiall to, People suffering from Ague,swamp fever,berry berry,and numerous other obscure and weird aillments.They had settled down for the night and before they knew what was upon them two donkeys,one tent (including the occupants) that included a mum two rumanian infants and a crosseyed ferret named Hawkeye Vanished as into thin air(theres not a lot of fat air in the vicinity) .The local Constabulary took their statements and a large ammount of there exotic unctions.The campers werer taken to a local hostelry to spend the the remains of the night at" Durty Gurtys" home for gentile folk. A report from the police is imminent......Please watch this thread...
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