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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Indeed, Have to say it looks the Biz, so from now on JellyFish, I shall be asking "How did you miss with" that

AA came up trumps with the kit, Cursed hAAt, pellets and AA T-shirt so expect to see Jellyfish flopping around Gp7 sunday with very nice looking Ev2.
Once again, thanks to berty for organising all the great sponsorship last and this season

Of course, we have been telling Jellyfish EV2 was not coming till Friday so when i popped round tonight with a large cardboard box it came as a bit of a surprise,

Hold on before your Flop down


Cant Belive its here, like Xmas

Cant believe those Slippers

Loooks as if he could hit the targets though??

well done garth, hope to see you whooping simons *** before long, at least you hAAt isn't cursed!!!

might want to keep some polish on that white stock,
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