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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I have an Air Arms prototype break barrel, akin to a meteor that's very light... it would appear that a fixed barrel wouldn't be far out of reach... this is quite light as well... I wonder where all the weight in a 97 or tx200 actually is...
Cocking lever, silencer/lever catch, inner cylinder are all extra weight compared to a break barrel. The trouble with a very light 10 ft.lbs springer is going to be recoil, unless you make it semi recoilless which adds weight, complexity and cost, all things you're trying to minimise. The 77's success in FT in the 80s was mainly due to a heavy gun with a light piston which made it low recoil compared to the other springers of the time.

Don't rule out break barrels. If the lockup is properly engineered it's not a problem. The best springer I've ever shot was a lazaglided 80.
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