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Although i haven't had the opportunity to attend as much as i have done in the past (work commitments) hopefully that's all gonna change soon.I was very impressed with the turn out on Sunday,i don't think the weather had much effect on the day,thanks to the splendid covered plinking range and the covered out door Gazebo type thing.But when it did rain it was a good time to have a bit of a chin wag with the visitors and hopefully new members.As Barry said Springfield has a lot to offer such as 7 day membership which not many clubs offer,and of course the privilege of shooting along side the legend that is Holly,who's always up for a bit of banter and can pass on some useful tips aswell.It was nice to see a few more youngsters showing an interest,because they are the future of the sport when us old fogies have hung up out shooting cushions.Hope the Springfield magic has rubbed off on the visitors and they come back for more.See you all soon.
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