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Thanks for sticking the pics up delphinus,they brought a lot of good memories back, & nice to meet you at euskadi over the weekend .
Would like to say well done to all those that picked a bit of shiny stuff up , it was certainly hard earned !Especially conor , who showed us all the way .( the txappella hat that he won really highlighted his russet coloured locks )
This is the second year in a row that ive been over there & i dont know how they managed it but it was even better this time , than the last . This , i think is because they listen to what comments people have to say & work as many ideas as they possibly can into an allready winning format, to make it even better .If anyone has an inckling that they fancy giving it a go in the future then i can guarantee that you wont be dissapointed , The hospitality is second to none & if the the friendly euskadi atmosphere could be bottled & sold , then someone would be a very rich person !
Once again , many thanks to jesus , jose & the rest of the hard working team .

Calps .
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